Top 25 STEM Professors in Michigan

STEM Professor in Michigan

STEM fields include the studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Michigan colleges and universities are served by exceptional, award-winning educators in STEM subject matter. Within the broad categories, these 25 Michigan professors have created specialties that garnered recognition by their world-wide community. Some of these heralded educators lead research projects and mentor advanced students. There’s the professor who travels the globe in search of solutions to problems affecting energy use and the environment. Another looks at the universe through telescopes but finds time to teach key courses in the STEM field.

The list contains names of professors who have sustained research and teaching careers over the years as well as those who are new to their STEM field but are already making a splash in academia. At one time or another, all college students encounter studies in STEM subjects. They lucky ones take seats in the labs or classrooms of these extraordinary professors.

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Allison L Steiner University of Michigan

Dr. Steiner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric, Ocean and Space Sciences. She garnered the NSF CAREER Award, 2010-2015, for her research into climate modeling and biosphere-atmosphere interactions.

Andrew Chubb Saginaw Valley State University

Dr. Chubb, Associate Dean in the College of Science Engineering & Technology, is a teacher dedicated to providing foundation sciences to students who dream of one day attending medical school. He has served as a health professions advisor.

Avesh Raghunandan Ferris State University

Dr. Raghunandan was recognized by Ferris State for his research and development of courses in vision science. He is the recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award and the Michigan Optometric Student Association Choice Award for Outstanding Professor.

Carl P. Simon University of Michigan

Dr. Simon is Professor of Mathematics and Economics at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. He has created unique methods for mapping economic trends over time. In the classroom, he teaches calculus and operations research.

Chong Oh Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Oh is Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at Eastern Michigan. He teaches end-user computing and web application development at the undergraduate level and conducts research into microblogging and economic effects.

Clifton Franklund Ferris State University

Dr. Franklund is an associate professor and program coordinator in the Biology Department. His research interests include immunology, microbial genetics, and online learning. He earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology at the Medical College of Virginia.

Deborah Herrington Grand Valley State University

Dr. Herrington is Associate Professor of Chemistry and directs the Target Inquiry Program. She has received international recognition for her work in chemical education and professional development of high school chemistry teachers.

Dennis Sylvester University of Michigan

Dr. Sylvester, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has extensive R&D engineering experience with Silicon Valley firms and currently leads the Michigan Integrated Circuits Laboratory. He earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at U.C. Berkeley.

Eddie Cheng Oakland University

Dr. Cheng joined the Oakland University faculty in 1997 and has since garnered progressive recognition around the world for his work in computer mathematics and excellence in the classroom. He serves on the examination committee for the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition

Gordon L. Kane University of Michigan

Dr. Kane, the Victor Weisskopf Distinguished University Professor of Physics, serves as Director, Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics, and holds a joint appointment as Professor in the School of Art & Design. He is an internationally renowned theoretical particle physicist and particle cosmologist.

Janet H. Vail Grand Valley State University

Dr. Vail is an Associate Research Scientist with the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute. Her teaching focus is on science education with a specialization in environmental studies. She has served as Co-Chair of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Lake Michigan Forum.

John Patten Western Michigan University

Dr. Patten, Professor and Department Chair, is a recognized leader in the developmental fields of green manufacturing and energy efficient vehicles. He joined the faculty in 2003 when he became the first Chair of the university’s Manufacturing Engineering Department.

John Wilterding Olivet College

Dr. Wilterding, associate professor of biology and chemistry and department chair, has served on the Olivet faculty for 13 years. He teaches in the Olivet core curriculum as well as leading science courses in microbiology, cell biology, evolution and introductory chemistry.

Jonathan Weaver University of Detroit Mercy

Dr. Weaver, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is a Kern Fellow with research interests in robotics, vehicle dynamics, experimental design and systems engineering. He has taught more than 20 different courses at UD Mercy, including innovative courses that he designed for engineering students.

Juan Marin Finlandia University

Dr. Marin joined the faculty at Finlandia in 2013 following service as assistant professor of mathematics at Alfred University. He earned his Ph.D. at Bowling Green University. He is always ready to talk math with his students.

Julie Wade Michigan State University

Dr. Wade holds appointments in the Department of Psychology, in Zoology, and in the Neuroscience Program. She is chair of the Department of Psychology. In addition to her teaching and research duties, she serves on panels for the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

Katherine Osteryoung Michigan State University

Dr. Osteryoung, Professor of Plant Biology, has received international recognition for her pioneering work in chloroplast division genetics. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis.

Mark Banaszak Holl University of Michigan

Dr. Holl, Professor of Chemistry, is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science with specialties in biophysical, surface, and organometallic chemistry. He has been recognized by the university for outstanding research, service and teaching.

Nilufer Onder Michigan Technological University

Dr. Onder, Associate Professor of Computer Science, gained practical experience working as a programmer at Turkey’s Computer Center of the Middle East Technical University. She received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Orin Gelderloos University of Michigan - Dearborn

Dr. Gelderloos, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, is the first recipient of the university’s Eugene Arden Interdisciplinary Award in recognition of teaching and research excellence. He leads introductory and advanced courses in field biology, ornithology, and environmental science.

Paul R. Sotherland Kalamazoo College

Dr. Sotherland, Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, is a professor in the Department of Biology. He leads first-year seminars as well as a wide range of undergraduate biology courses.

Stephanie Casey Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Casey, assistant professor, has received university recognition and support for her project: STEM – Achievement Improvement in Mathematics among Michigan English Language Learners. Her specialty is in K-12 math education.

Stephen E. Zepf Michigan State University

Dr. Zepf, Associate Chairperson for Astronomy and Professor, was a Hubble Fellow at U.C. Berkeley and serves on the Board of Directors for the SOAR Telescope. He is credited with the first-known discovery of a black hole in a globular cluster.

Tom Hamann Michigan State University

Dr. Hamann, assistant professor of chemistry, works at the cutting edge of the science of solar energy conversion. He has taught the range of courses, from freshman chemistry to graduate-level special topics. The 2013 Camille Dreyfus award recognizes “talented young faculty in the chemical sciences”.

Volker Sick University of Michigan

Dr. Sick, the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in Mechanical Engineering, serves as Associate Vice President for Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering at the university. His research centers on development of laser and optical measurement devises and methodology.